The Team

Dr Danielle Jones is an active researcher in the field of dementia care. Her PhD research (University of York, 2012) championed a patient-centered approach to care which underpinns DysisCare, its training and its ethos. Danielle’s research principally explored the implications of Alzheimer’s disease for family communication and relationships. Through this research, Danielle developed a unique approach to helping families manage the sometimes difficult interactions that arise as a result of the disease. She has developed a bespoke communications package, designed to help families understand the communicative and behavioural complications associated with the condition that helps to overcome some of the challenges families face in their day-to-day lives. Danielle launched the Dementia Communications Research network (DCRN) in 2013, which is an international and multi-disciplinary network of researchers and practitioners interested in exploring communication in the field of dementia. Mark Jenner is a communications facilitator holding a BSc honours degree in Violence Reduction, a PG Dip in Leadership (leading Change) and is currently researching dementia communications. After many years working with staff caring for emotional individuals who present the behaviours, which challenge he began to explore strategies to help reduce the impact on all parties involved. Mark now helps organisations, families and individuals to reduce and prevent distress reactions through improved interpersonal communications, facilitating learning based on the unique needs of the individual through a person centred communication plan. Using the ‘Functional Behaviour Assessment’ approach to understanding communication he helps families, staff and carers improve lives.